What If... Argentina VS France?

What if... There is Argentina & France Beyblades. In celebration of Argentina & France getting into the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 final, we have made this video to send our best wishes to both teams. We wish them all the best in the final and journeys ahead.

Here are the parts needed for Argentina Beyblade: 
1. DB Core: Perseus (B-191)
2. Blade: Wind (B-202 01)
3. Armor: 10 (B-203 etc)
4. DB Disc: Karma (B-196 05)
5. Driver: Universe (B-181 05)

Here are the parts needed for France Beyblade:
1. DB Core: Belial 1 (B-204)
2. Blade: Chain (B-198 02)
3. Armor: 10 (B-198 02 etc)
4. DB Disc: Nexus (B-204 etc)
5. Driver: Quattro' (B-201)
6. S Gear (B-194 07)

Watch us assemble and battle these two Beyblades:

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